1. various forces are converging to drag me into furry hell. I mean look at these dolls what the fuck

  2. girls in dresses

    …This was ink practice so I had no intention of adding any color, but while I was drawing the one on the right my mother-in-law’s boyfriend insisted I give her red shoes. (◍•ᴗ•◍)

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  3. lost in SKETCH HELL part 2

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  4. lost forever in SKETCH HELL

    do not try to find me

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  5. i’m not a rei fan like at all (though maybe that will change as I watch/rewatch the original series) but i felt bad for her after smc ep 3 so I had to at least try

    because she did not deserve this

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  6. Every sovereign has parents. In this case: a doting, taciturn father and exuberant, bloodthirsty mother.

    No, I’m not entirely sure of what I’m gonna do with this.

  7. Hi, tumblr! I’m back from a week-long vacation in the Catskills (mostly). It was pretty refreshing. I feel like my priorities have shifted.

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  8. Brothers from another mother. One is brave. One will become brave…eventually.

    These two belong to iinasmuch.

  9. Blew an inch-thick layer of dust off all my markers.

    (You’re probably going to see more of her in the future.)

  10. kinda hit a short slump recently, but I had some material saved up from over the past few weeks

  11. Some of iinasmuch's characters, after a minor explosion. Oops!

  12. sketches of other people’s characters, drawn with actual pencils remix

  13. This Very Pink Woof Wolf is for somebody on Gaia.

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  14. Finished! Two of iinasmuch's dudes, Loris and Stefano Cingolani.

  15. It’s that time again: Other People’s Characters o’clock, Poses Not Chosen edition.

    These two brothers belong to iinasmuch.