1. Every sovereign has parents. In this case: a doting, taciturn father and exuberant, bloodthirsty mother.

    No, I’m not entirely sure of what I’m gonna do with this.

  2. Hi, tumblr! I’m back from a week-long vacation in the Catskills (mostly). It was pretty refreshing. I feel like my priorities have shifted.

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  3. Brothers from another mother. One is brave. One will become brave…eventually.

    These two belong to iinasmuch.

  4. Blew an inch-thick layer of dust off all my markers.

    (You’re probably going to see more of her in the future.)

  5. kinda hit a short slump recently, but I had some material saved up from over the past few weeks

  6. Some of iinasmuch's characters, after a minor explosion. Oops!

  7. sketches of other people’s characters, drawn with actual pencils remix

  8. This Very Pink Woof Wolf is for somebody on Gaia.

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  9. Finished! Two of iinasmuch's dudes, Loris and Stefano Cingolani.

  10. It’s that time again: Other People’s Characters o’clock, Poses Not Chosen edition.

    These two brothers belong to iinasmuch.

  11. Last set of Gaia “commissions” from that thread. It was fun but I need more practice with…uh, a shitton of things like not screwing up the transparency what the nuts, so that’s done for now.

    The girl with the bob and the book is Maya the Spell Thief.

  12. these are the things I did this weekend goodnight

  13. Winner of the Most Underrated Character award.

    (ink game so weak)

  14. Ever get the urge to draw a supremely unflattering self-portrait?

    Alternately titled I Am Sick And The Entire World Can Eat My Asshole If It Thinks I’ll Be Productive Before Monday (At Least)

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  15. More rejected sketches/poses. A sleep-deprived Gundam enthusiast.

    Other people’s characters are great.