1. lost forever in SKETCH HELL

    do not try to find me

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  2. i’m not a rei fan like at all (though maybe that will change as I watch/rewatch the original series) but i felt bad for her after smc ep 3 so I had to at least try

    because she did not deserve this

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  3. So I bought this Turcom lightbox a number of days ago, after making the educated guess that it was just a rebranded version of this more expensive Huion lightbox.

    Today it came in the mail and I had a good laugh.

    I literally received a Huion lightbox.

    Rebranded? That shit wasn’t even repackaged.

  4. I’ve been working on these muscles for a few months and I’m reasonably proud of them. That’s all đź’–

    (current fitness goal: become sugilite meet novice weightlifting standards by mid-september)

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  5. …I feel like I should sentence myself to draw nothing but dudes for like a month.

  6. Every sovereign has parents. In this case: a doting, taciturn father and exuberant, bloodthirsty mother.

    No, I’m not entirely sure of what I’m gonna do with this.

  7. Hi, tumblr! I’m back from a week-long vacation in the Catskills (mostly). It was pretty refreshing. I feel like my priorities have shifted.

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  8. Brothers from another mother. One is brave. One will become brave…eventually.

    These two belong to iinasmuch.


  9. my two cents on copyright infringement

    Lamenting that your work is being freely distributed without your consent while indulging in someone else’s work when it has been freely distributed without their consent—i.e., pirating TV shows/movies/comics/games/computer applications/what have you—is hypocritical.

    It is a deeper form of hypocrisy to cry foul when your publicly-showcased fanwork is freely redistributed without your consent while you sell merchandise that capitalizes on someone else’s IP without their consent.

    Unauthorized use does not suddenly stop being unauthorized use because the creator is better known than you, or has more money than you, or is not Disney particularly litigious.

    If you don’t consider it an essential step to obtain permission before using or distributing someone else’s work, what makes you think other people would consider it essential to obtain your permission before using or distributing your work?

    Ultimately: big companies and bedroom creators alike must acknowledge that any kind of distribution involves taking a calculated risk when it comes to controlling their content. Barring the advent of mind control, anyway.

    (Drawings return soon; this subject has just been on my mind lately. The above statements may not be applicable outside of the USA, etc etc.)


  10. those-strange-musings answered your question: “dear marker-using, brush-inking colleagues”
    I’ve used Dr. Ph. Martin’s Black Star Hicarb with a nib-pen and coloured with copics after it dried. Not sure about brush-inking though :/

    Aha, carbon-based ink! Thank you. I’ll have to try that if I can get ahold of it.


  11. dear marker-using, brush-inking colleagues

    Anyone know of any bottled inks that solvent-based markers won’t eat? Or am I going to have to finally get off my ass and start using ink washes + watercolors?

  12. Blew an inch-thick layer of dust off all my markers.

    (You’re probably going to see more of her in the future.)

  13. kinda hit a short slump recently, but I had some material saved up from over the past few weeks


  14. my two bits on the Sailor Moon Crystal designs

    I’m fine with the limbs, but take issue with the heads. The skulls are too large, making the hair enormous—far larger than Takeuchi drew it, so it’s weird that all the people who are lauding the designs for being so much closer to the comics aren’t commenting on it.

    (left: BSSM kanzenban #1 cover; right: cap from official Crystal trailer.)

    Worse, the expressions so far are entirely one-note. Takeuchi (and the original anime) had no problem making the Soldiers look cute, goofy or badass as necessary. Crystal’s range has been tightly constrained in an attempt to keep everyone looking moe delicate and pretty no matter what, and half the time they just end up looking surprised, dazed and/or confused. Why is everyone making this face here? Unless the sudden appearance of a bug-sized cameraman has taken them all by surprise, it doesn’t make any sense to me. Why so much of this and so few smiles?

    I’m going to give it a watch same as anyone else, but I dislike that so much of the criticism of the designs I’ve read has been brushed off with “that’s because it’s closer to the manga!!” …when said designs still differ from Takeuchi’s work in crucial ways that (IMO) make them considerably less lively and appealing.

  15. Some of iinasmuch's characters, after a minor explosion. Oops!