1. Inspired by the mastery of limited color on display in these Policenauts screenshots, I made a toy over the past two days. It allows a user to create color palettes from the 12-bit RGB range the typical NEC PC-9801 was capable of displaying…or something pretty close to that, at any rate. The default palette size is 16 because that was the number of colors it could display simultaneously, but I’m not forcing anyone else to adhere to that.

    I won’t care if you decide to try playing with palettes of 1000 colors or more, but your browser may be unhappy with you for a minute.

    (And yes, I am aware—now—that Policenauts was made for the PC-9821. Oops.)

    Potential future plans:

    • Add palette to <canvas> so it can be copied/saved as an image instead of forcing the user to take a screenshot
    • Allow for toggling between the “hover over color swatches for info” mode and the aforementioned <canvas> image
    • Add a “colors similar to this one” section that will allow you to modify the color in your palette. Lighter, darker, more saturated, less saturated, hue shifts.

    Who the fuck even knows:

    • Reorder palette. I’m not sure I can improve this much without just switching to an s/v square plus color ribbon/circle, which kinda goes against the point of this exercise. (It’s also been done.)
    • Increase browser compatibility. I don’t think old versions of IE matter enough to include hacks or downgrade jQuery, but we’ll see.

    Enjoy. Feedback is welcome, though I don’t expect any. If you don’t want to filthy up your tumblr with reblogs, you are welcome to leave a comment, tweet at me, or email.

  2. a well-equipped woman
    the sketch not chosen
    a ghost who likes lolita fashion

    Last set of Gaia “commissions” from that thread. It was fun but I need more practice with…uh, a shitton of things like not screwing up the transparency what the nuts, so that’s done for now.

    The girl with the bob and the book is Maya the Spell Thief.

  3. Today I bought this fucking enormous 632-page book for exactly $12.98 + tax from the Barnes and Noble bargain bin tables. I believe it is a B&N-exclusive publication of the material in these two books, which have a list price of $59.99 (USD).

    Even if the contents aren’t exactly the same: it’s a 600+ page hardcover book with a shitton of BIG PICTURES of historical and modern clothing that costs twelve dollars and ninety-eight cents brand new if you can find a copy. Alert whomever you think might be interested in knowing.

  4. the boy and the android who's weirded out by open displays of affection
    the gundam enthusiast has fallen completely asleep, now

    these are the things I did this weekend goodnight

  5. Winner of the Most Underrated Character award.

    (ink game so weak)

  6. Ever get the urge to draw a supremely unflattering self-portrait?

    Alternately titled I Am Sick And The Entire World Can Eat My Asshole If It Thinks I’ll Be Productive Before Monday (At Least)

    Tagged #drawings #me
  7. More rejected sketches/poses. A sleep-deprived Gundam enthusiast.

    Other people’s characters are great.

  8. This is the couple I drew last week, but as kids.
    The curly-haired one has snakebite piercings. (The other one's eating a chili dog.)
    The red-eyed one is an android. (The other one is dodging.)

    Have some rejected “commission” sketches.

    What sucks is that this week I didn’t intentionally procrastinate; I was just too busy to get started on these until today, which leaves me worse off than I was last week. Escape Victory is not possible. At least my taxes are done.

  9. schoolgirls
    a couple in "Adventure Time" style.

    I opened up an art shop thread on Gaia last week largely as self-discipline training. The goal is at least two finished images every seven days. The fact that someone is compensating me prevents me from just fucking off when my will to be constructive fades; the fact that my “pay” is in fakebucks for a forum that’s circling the drain prevents me from getting so intimidated that I freeze up and accomplish nothing.

    I still procrastinated for far too long on these, unfortunately. Better work ethic next week (hopefully).


  10. megomobat asked: 11 and 12!

    Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.

    When you sent this ask—


    —I was definitely bedward-bound.

    Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?

    I have a habit of pulling faces and talking to myself or my computer while thinking or working, which I think is pretty “normal” for artists, and wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t a vulgar person. (…Maybe going so far as to flip my monitor the bird is a little more “programmer behavior” than “artist behavior”, though…)

    At any rate, even that wouldn’t be so bad…but since I spend like twelve hours a day in front of a computer, I’ve gotten so used to doing it that I occasionally have to stop myself from mumbling profanities and gesticulating in public. Whoops.


  11. cloverfirefly asked: 6 and 7

    This set is short enough to post without a cut, I think!

    Draw a the same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.


    Left hand on the left, right hand on the right. (…Why is my left hand so wobbly?!)

    Do you have any OCs?

    Oh, lordy, I’m pretty sure they could fill a classroom at this point. But what the hell: here are two who’ve never been outside of my head until now.


    A preteen girl who posesses extraordinary physical strength and resilience; her name is Manna.

    She is currently in the care of her (widowed) stepmother, a scientist with a mildly acerbic personality and a smoking habit.

    Their relationship began with great suspicion on both sides, and is still more grounded in loyalty and mutual respect than love. Neither is the type to suffer much bullshit.


  12. niiikooooo asked: 10, pencil case ask, and 5

    yayay! (◍>ᴗ<◍)

    Read More


  13. Artist asks GO!

    1. Take a picture of your workspace.
    2. Show your pencilcase and what’s inside.
    3. Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is.
    4. Lineart or coloring?
    5. Who/what inspires you?
    6. Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.
    7. Do you have any OCs?
    8. Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?
    9. Favorite thing to draw?
    10. Least favorite thing to draw?
    11. Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.
    12. Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?

    dear internet: please ask me about the cute pen(cil)case I got in the mail yesterday. (◍ˇᴗˇ◍)~♪♬

    (Source: haikalikka, via niiikooooo)

  14. Loomis-style head construction, my nose, terrible attempts at some dude's wolfaboo avatar.
    not-so-cartoony ladies referenced from White House | Black Market's current ad campaign

    it’s that time again: Holding Myself Accountable Sunday™

    Now tagged for your blacklisting pleasure.

    I hemmed and hawed over posting any of my attempts at autodidactism for a while. I’m still not sure why the chips fell on ‘yes’ this time. Maybe someone else will derive amusement something worthwhile from seeing my thought process.

  15. goals: looser inks, further experimentation with coloring in Manga Studio, full body, minimal bullshitting. mission accomplished

    (This is someone’s Gaia avatar.)